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Frigobar de Carro

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Color Name: 7.5L
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Product Features:
1. Extensive use: On long trips, you do not have to spend money and mind to do iced drinks / fruit preservation / heating food.
2. There are straps for carrying, and strap can also be demolished, the three holes of can put cups or C oke.
3. Cover the mouth of the magnetic strip, better insulation and sealing.
4. Use a flip-up lid, you can easily store the refrigerato between front seat and the armrest box, can also be placed in the car seat or trunk.
5. Small size and large capacity: 7.5L large capacity, not worry about the space.
6. The hot and cold can be changed easily, on the left of the switch for the cooling, the right for heating; powerful insulation, lasting ice-cool, quiet low noise, energy saving.
7. Application: Cold storage (fruit, beverages, general medicine, adult dairy products, cosmetics skin care products);Insulation (meals, coffee, baby milk, etc.)
8.Usage occssion:
A. banquet picnic camping at the lake
B. Use for taxi drivers
C. Cold medicines
D. Refrigerated fresh milk
E. Car travel
F. Yacht or go fishing
G. On the wagon
H. Refrigerated cosmetics
J. Home use

Product Parameters:
1. Color: Blue
2. Material: Food grade ABS
3. Capacity: 7.5L
4. Power: 30W
5. Input voltage: 12V (car type) or 220v, 12v (car dual-use type)
6. Fuse specifications: 10A
7. Heating temperature: heating to 65 ℃ or so
8. Refrigeration temperature: lower than the ambient temperature of about 5-10 ℃
9. The refrigerator is equipped with a cooling fan, the fan will sound when working.
10. Size: about 32.5 * 18 * 30 cm / 12.80 * 7.09 * 11.81 in

1. The car must be launched when use the car-type.
2. First, insert the plug into the lighter socket or12V power supply jack.
3. Then, plug the other end of the cable insert into the 12VDC jack or into the dual-use 220v jack ( jack at the bottom of the front panel ).
4. Later, dial the switch to the heating or cooling position and check the corresponding LED (heating: red light; cooling: green light).
5. It will take 15 minutes or 30 minutes to cool or heat (the duration of cooling or heating depends on the ambient temperature).
6. Before put into the food or beverage, first warm or cold, so that you can get better effect.
7. It takes 2-3 hours to freeze unfrozen food and drink. The design of car small refrigerator is not to freeze food, mainly heat preservation! According to the instructions properly to use, the food can be kept warm for several hours.

1. Unplug the power before cleaning.
2. Do not place the cold or warm box or power cord in the liquid. Scrub with neutral soap and wet cloth.
3. Do not use its ice-making.
4. To prevent blocking the fan, it will clog heating acceleration, causing a fire. Do not place wool, cloth and other items on of the fridge.
5. When the engine is turned off, do not operate it for long time, which will drain the storage battery.
6. Switching from heating to heating or heating to cooling, switch off the power supply for at least 30 minutes before proceeding!

Packing List:
1 * Car refrigerator
1 * Car charger line
1 * Manual

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